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Stucco is the best material to use on the exterior of your home.


Using stucco gives you a long exterior lifetime for your home.  There are many colors to choose from and different textures that can be applied.  You can also use stucco on block walls to match your home.  Chris Nelson, Peak Construction & Design, Inc. can help you choose your colors and textures that best suits your home design.  Call him today (760) 668-3991.

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Advantages of a Stucco Exterior on Your Home

Stucco Versus Wood or Vinyl Siding

Stucco is one of the many options a homeowner might consider when thinking about an exterior coverage for their home. Whether it be a new home construction or renovating an older home, it is by far, one of the most durable, yet fashionable choices a homeowner can make.There are numerous advantages to applying stucco over just about any other exterior option.

1) Stucco is extremely durable and will outlast siding, both wood and vinyl, and even brick, by decades. It can withstand the test of extreme temperature changes and weather conditions, resisting the harsh effects of rain, snow, hail and gusting winds.

2) Stucco, unlike wood siding, never needs to be painted. It is maintenance free, worry free, for years to come.

3) Stucco adds an excellent R-value (insulation efficiency), helping to keep your home cooler in the summer months and keeping out the harsh winds of winter, in turn, saving on your heating and cooling costs.

4) Because stucco is so durable as well as fire resistant, many insurance companies will reduce your home insurance premiums substantially, saving you hundreds of dollars. Be sure to check with your local insurance company to see if stucco is on their list of reducing premiums.

5) As well as adding beauty to your home, stucco adds thousands of dollars to the market value.

6) Stucco is mold and mildew resistance and will not rot or flake apart, so it is exceptionally durable in more moist or humid climates.

7) Stucco never goes out of style.

Depending upon your location, stucco is very comparably priced with other home exterior choices. However, when you consider the lasting durability and the numerous benefits of stucco over other exteriors, you will find that you receive much better value for your money over time.

Stucco has come a long way over the past several decades. From the old thick splash coat finish (also referred to as popcorn dash) at the turn of the 20th century, to the bottle glass stone dash of the 60’s, or the Spanish texture of the 90’s, stucco has evolved into more beautiful, modern finishes. The stucco of the new millennium gives the homeowner a vast array of styles and colors to choose from. Gone are the days when your only choices were that of grays and off whites or beiges. The new custom colors offer a variety as plentiful as an artist’s pallet, to either use alone or mix and match. They are sure to suit every homeowner’s particular tastes. If you are remodeling, stucco will turn an old tired looking home into a modern masterpiece.

The most popular designs offered by most professional plasterers are:

– Spanish texture (skip trowel design)
– Splash coat (popcorn dash)
– Knock-down drag
– Knock-down splash
– Float finish (smooth texture)

The projected time it takes to actually stucco a home may vary, depending upon the size of your home and the amount of work that needs to be done. The homeowner can expect a time span from about 2 or 3 days to a week. A good stucco contractor really shouldn’t take much longer than that, leaving little inconvenience to the homeowner. For example, it might take up to one full day to paper and wire the home, another to apply the scratch or under coat and a third day to add the finish coat. In less than a week, most homeowners can be enjoying their new stucco finish.

Most importantly, one must keep in mind, unlike applying siding or paint, laminate flooring or wall paper, stucco is very seldom a do-it-yourself project. It is definitely not as easy as one might think. To try and tackle the job ones self, a homeowner can find themselves dealing with a number of unforeseen problems and an unsatisfactory finished product. It requires a lot of work, physical strength and years of knowledge and experience, therefore, it is important to find the right contractor for the job. A proper stucco application should last the homeowner well into the next 50 or more years.

A reputable contractor will be knowledgeable in the correct procedures from start to finish, as well as having the right equipment and materials on hand. This would also include the process of applying flashing over all windows and doors, adding plaster stop for a clean and neat appearance, as well as the correct paper and wire and/or mesh application. These are the basic foundations to a lasting stucco exterior and must be done properly. As well, only your stucco contractor will know the appropriate proportions of cement, sand and water for lasting durability, along with the correct measure of dyes so the colors chosen will be consistent throughout.

When using a reputable, licensed stucco contractor, the homeowner can be assured with the guarantee that their home will be beautiful and maintenance free for many years to come.

Peak Construction & Design is a residential/light commercial, general building contractor licensed/insured in California. We specialize in remodeling of custom/single family homes, condominiums, light commercial offices, as well askitchen and bathroom remodeling, along with new built homes, barns and out buildings . We also do general home maintenance.  We service Southern California and the communities  including Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, La Quinta, CaliforniaPlease call Chris Nelson today at 760.668.3991!

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