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Benefits to using Fiberglass windows

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Double-hung Tilt Window Expands EnduraShieldTM Fiberglass Line

Full line of strong, energy efficient, earth friendly fiberglass windows now available

MEDFORD, Wis. – Weather Shield® recently introduced a double-hung tilt fiberglass clad window, which rounds out its EnduraShieldTM line of premium fiberglass and fiberglass clad windows and patio doors. This line of products is among the most energy efficient windows and patio doors available. Combined with the proprietary Zo-e-shieldTM glazing system, the EnduraShield windows qualify for the government’s $200 tax credit and meet the 2010 Energy Star requirements. The full EnduraShield line now includes double-hung tilt, casement, awning and direct-set windows, as well as hinged and sliding patio doors.

“We developed the best, most energy efficient fiberglass and fiberglass clad products possible rather than try to hit a particular price point, as some competitors have done,” explained Weather Shield’s Wood and Fiberglass Products Brand Manager, Dave Koester. The window’s energy efficiency, solid construction and details make it a great value for the money.”

The Benefits of Fiberglass

There are several benefits to fiberglass windows: greater energy efficiency, lower maintenance, long-life durability and environmentally friendly. “Ultimately, consumers will save on reduced energy consumption and won’t have to replace their windows as often, which is the supreme definition of sustainability,” said Koester.

“Fiberglass is widely used for its strength and durability. We often don’t even realize that it’s all around us.” Koester pointed out. Fiberglass is used in automobile bodies and bumpers, campers, approximately 95 percent of all boat hulls, shower stalls, laundry tubs, hot tubs, bridge components, guardrails, light poles and even manhole covers—to name a few.

“The superior characteristics of fiberglass that make our lives mobile, safer and convenient are the same qualities that contribute to making a solid, long-lasting window,” said Koester. “It’s energy efficient, durable and doesn’t become brittle. It’s also resistant to water, scratches, dents, and corrosion. Fiberglass is a fantastic material, especially for windows.”

Fiberglass is also environmentally friendly. When consumers think of a “green window,” they usually think “energy efficiency,” which is one measure. But, fiberglass also takes the least amount of energy to manufacture compared to aluminum and vinyl, and there’s little waste produced in the process.

The double-hung tilt window, along with the other EnduraShield fiberglass products is currently undergoing six- months of hurricane impact testing. “The structural integrity and non-corrosive qualities of this product are phenomenal for costal environments,” said Koester.

—more—Comparing Fiberglass to Vinyl

“It’s a challenge for consumers to make a fair, apples-to-apples price comparison of fiberglass to vinyl. The outside of the windows look the same but fiberglass far out performs vinyl,” explained Weather Shield’s Architectural Brand Manager and fiberglass product expert, Jeff Kibler.

Fiberglass is more durable than vinyl. It is eight times stronger than vinyl and expands and contracts 800 times less.

Customers will see prices for EnduraShield products that are slightly more than that of vinyl windows. “But the performance of fiberglass blows away anything vinyl,” explained Kibler.

For example, “Vinyl products are usually limited to white or tan. Because darker colors absorb heat, darker colored vinyl is more susceptible to bending or twisting,” explained Kibler. EnduraShield products are available in a full spectrum of colors.

“When customers buy any of the EnduraShield fiberglass products, they’re buying an extremely energy efficient window with lasting durability,” said Kibler.

Architects, Contracts and Commercial Property Owners Value Fiberglass

“We’re pleased with the reaction to this product from the architectural community. We’ve seen them use EnduraShield products in some very high-end projects, including gated communities and custom luxury homes,” said Koester. “They appreciate the product’s refined appearance, energy efficiency and low maintenance.”

“Homeowners usually have very specific ideas of what they’re looking for in replacement windows,” explained Weather Shield Remodeling/Replacement Brand Manager Chris Schield. “Contractors can now provide their customers with a variety of solutions from a single, full line of fiberglass products.”

Weather Shield has also seen a positive response from commercial building owners. “They’re responsible for paying the utilities and are looking to reduce costs as much as possible. These products offer owners of single- family homes savings from energy efficiency. Multiply that several times over and commercial property owners are seeing significant energy savings,” said Kibler.

Product Specifications

For complete specifications for the EnduraShield line of fiberglass and fiberglass clad windows and patio doors contact your local Weather Shield authorized dealer or the Weather Shield Architectural Services Department at or 800-390-1225. To find the dealer nearest you, visit and click on the Dealer Locator.

About Weather Shield

Weather Shield Windows & Doors, owned and operated by the Schield family, is one of the nation’s leading window and door manufacturers. Based in Medford, Wis., the company operates manufacturing facilities in Ladysmith, Mosinee, Park Falls and Medford, Wis. For more information on Weather Shield products, call 800- 477-6808 or visit

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