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California Law requires carbon monoxide detectors

Have you installed your home or office carbon monoxide detectors? Protect your family and friends install them today. I have.


California Law To Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors JULY 1, 2011 Single-Family Dwelling
Posted by Judy Horn
Below is information supplied by Palm Desert Area, blogging Realtors, as a public service announcement for CA real estate .

The bill, SB 183, applies all California Homeowners of existing housing (New Construction standards set by other state agencies).

It covers every “dwelling unit intended for human occupancy” which means single-family housing, factory-built homes, condominiums, motels, hotels, dormitories, and dwelling units in “multiple-unit dwelling unit buildings” (apartment houses). It applies to every dwelling unit that has “a fossil fuel burning heater or appliance, fireplace, or an attached garage”. “Fossil fuel” means “coal, kerosene, oil, wood, fuel gases, and other petroleum or hydrocarbon products, which emit carbon monoxide as a byproduct of combustion.” In other words, unless you live in an all-electric home with a detached garage and you don’t use a hibachi, you are covered by this law.

The bill requires that such dwelling units will have to have installed a “carbon monoxide device” that is designed to detect carbon monoxide and produce a “distinct, audible alarm.” The device may be battery-powered, a plug in, or hard-wired with a battery backup. It may be combined with a smoke detector, but, if it is, it must emit “an alarm or voice warning in a manner that clearly differentiates between a carbon monoxide alarm warning and a smoke detector warning.”

The devices must be ones that have been certified by the State Fire Marshall. The bill imposes a requirement on the State Fire Marshall to certify and approve both the devices and their instructions. It will then be illegal to sell detectors that have not met the Fire Marshall’s certification requirements.

The devices must be installed, consistent with new construction standards or according to the approved instructions, in all existing single-family dwelling units no later than July 1, 2011. All other dwelling units (such as apartments) must have proper carbon monoxide detectors no later than January 1, 2013.

On the lighter side here, it is anticipated that $260 million dollars will be generated to the carbon monoxide detector industry by the 13 million homes speculating that the cost over each purchased unit is $20 each (low end). Let’s call this stimulus money for a good cause.

I would pay special attention to rental homes if I were a landlord.

Source: Based on RealtyTimes

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